Not a day for anything

Today has not been a day for doing anything.   No one wants to go out.  It has rained on and off and I feel totally uninspired.

The horses came in for hay and I did manage to move the Minions up to a part of the field they had forgotten about. I took my bag of carrots and they came running, suddenly remembered where we were going, and galloped straight past! So I took my carrots home again and had lunch instead.

Some photos off my phone today…..

Monster and BeAnne sharing their lunchtime snack.  BeAnne is made of wire wool.

Her Maj having her afternoon snooze while I made a sheeple in my shed.

Monster not sharing “his” bed under the Christmas tree.

We booted him out, gave him the heated blanket to sit on, which he adores more than anything, and told BeAnne she could have her bed back.  She then ignored it and played her best Misery Card.

I have given up. Sorry for such a boring blog post but if you were here, you would be stuck for anything nice to say about today.



7 thoughts on “Not a day for anything

  1. Susan Felton

    Your photo of Monster and BeAnne made be laugh. Monster has a sort of drunk with pleasure look while BeAnne not so much. I wish you sunnier days soon.

  2. Sam

    Ah the Call of the Heating Blanket – have yet to meet a cat who could resist. Perhaps her Maj also wanted one? Hence the sulk?


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