TurmerAid Helps

The Old Men have turmeric in the form of TurmerAid.  All for different reasons.

This is Haakon’s bowl – he is 26 years old and he needs his TurmerAid because he is stiff and achey. His is mixed with Formula 4 Feet (a hoof supplement) and, because I am incredibly nice and please don’t tell Daisy, a wee handful of mix and some chaff we are using up.

Iacs has TurmerAid, plus chaff, because last winter he had colic and we very nearly lost him. It was very scary and I never want him to go through that again. Turmeric gives support to the equine digestive system.

And lastly, this is Klængur’s bowl.  I give him TurmerAid because he can be a total arse to ride, spooking at grass (ffs).  Turmeric is known to improve mental health.  Without TurmerAid, Klængur spooks at his own shadow.   It gets boring but TurmerAid really helps.  It does. Even I can see (and feel) the difference in him. He thinks “more solidly” if that makes sense.

So, there we are. My three buckets all ready.  All for different reasons and all very necessary.

And the three recipients.

These two (Iacs and Klængur) eat together because if they swap buckets, it doesn’t matter.

Haakon eats seperately and hates being aggravated.  God help anyone.

I stood back and let them get on with it.

Klængur finished quickly and did his usual bucket trick. I have no idea why but he always does it.

Haakon insisted his head was not coming out until the last bit had been eaten.

And Iacs looked into the middle distance and remembered when buckets were bigger and fuller.

Three lots of TurmerAid for three different reasons.  All I know is that is works very well and I would not be without it.

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3 thoughts on “TurmerAid Helps

  1. Christine

    I found that it is available in the US for $54 for 2kg. How does that compare with UK prices? And how much would you recommend for a 14 yr old healthy Icie? Thanks!

    1. Frances Post author

      Hi, that’s about twice the price – we pay £19.99 (which converts today at $25.88) for a 2kg tub PLUS postage which is about £4.00 so call it £25.00 in total.

      If $54 includes shipping and taxes etc, I think that’s not too bad really. (£41.71 in our money).

      As for doseage – I give one scoop (which is about one eighth of an US measuring cup) so if it was just for one horse, I reckon a tub would keep you going for a good long time.


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