One Job

Right, Lambie, you have one job today and that is to be a Brand Ambassador for The Golden Paste Company – go #teamturmeric!

How difficult can this be?

To be fair he did his best.

He loves his TurmerAid but something was missing.

Me: “Lambie, please try harder”.

“Ok, and stop! That’s not what I want”.

This afternoon, there was a nice gentle winter light and I thought “I know, let’s have another go at this TurmerAid photoshoot”. So I placed two tubs outside with the Boyzens and the Girlzens.

We had a group chat – a motivational speech about my aims and objectives. I spelled it out. I really did.

But it fell on deaf ears.

Seriously? Is this the best you can do?

So they made an effort.

Well, some did and some (***cough*** ‘Ster) didn’t really get it.

*** sigh ***

Well done ‘Bert. That’s my boy.

Fer cryin’ out loud, Lambie!  You have one job so now you are looking, well, just plain weird!

I gave up.  Lambie had his bank manager face on.  Creepy much.

And I realise now why I failed…. because basically all I want to show with my photographs is this….

Edna in January…..

Edna in December.

Says it all really.

5 thoughts on “One Job

  1. Linda

    Well, some are just not destined for fame; but EDNA is a real star.
    I would think the company would love her before and after photos!


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