One Weird White Cat

He’s a bit of a weirdo.

He has a thing about bubblewrap.

So, I thought that’s just him. How wrong I was.

Tinsel – another thing he is weird about.

Moving swiftly on….. then there are boxes.  He loves boxes but only certain ones.  He is fussy.

Special boxes with toys are nice.

But toys on their own are the best fun.

Today, he followed us everywhere, shouting as he went so we knew he was following us everywhere as well as going places he probably shouldn’t.

I will admit that I had my heart in my mouth when he was wandering around the rafters of the stable.  As Flossie said, he is not the most agile and one bad step….. so I waited underneath him in case he needed catching.

Cat in a sink anyone?  Move along. Nothing to see here.

Everywhere we go, we are never alone.

Monster is one strange cat but he is our strange cat so we love him (except when he is being mean to BeAnne!)


11 thoughts on “One Weird White Cat

  1. Sam

    Boxes are a well known cat trap. Bubble wrap is an evil entity to be killed. Rafters are for climbing and napping on. Tinsel, however, can cause a huge hole in one’s wallet with a vet visit to remove said garland from one’s gut because pulling it out the other end does not work (yes, my mom had a cat who did eat the tinsel, did not let mom remove it instead spent 2 days at vet for surgery, hence no more tinsel. Oh and rubber bands are hidden too.) Other than that, Monster is your strange white Yeti.

  2. Linda Kirk

    He’s a very singular cat.
    When he’s in the box he looks as if something, or someone, has displeased him. If he lived with me I’d find that quite alarming! Still, he is beautiful, and I’m sure he’s a very affectionate cat.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh I love your Monster too! Always seems to be up to something and quite a beautiful fellow! If he would just be nicer to BeAnne! Loved the pictures today!

  4. Elva

    I still miss your advent calendars…imagine an advent calendar with all the windows revealing pictures of Monster!!! Well your post was like a mini advent calendar and was totally enjoyable!!

  5. Jayne

    I know you spent hours trying to get “just the right shot” of the equines, but those images of Monster going across the rafters are priceless

    In another life I was a cat person, and if I was lucky to have a someone with as much character as Monster, I could happily be so again.

  6. Highmac

    Great pictures – as always. Strange that the sink picture had me chuckling far more than the box one. Probably because for me the sink one goes under the heading of “surreal” 🙂


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