Going Again

I am south again tomorrow to look after my mother – cataract surgery.

So, my daughters and I moved the horses/ponies (Icelandic horses plus Albie and Newt) around the house into another field with a bit more grass.  It is that time of year when the horses spend a week or two in each field taking anything that is there before they are moved on.

We let the sheeple back into their field (they were very happy) and I went over to Leradale to feed Delia and to kiss noseys.

Everyone was on good form.

They know the routine now.

I just chuck the bucket over the wall and Delia marches in, head down and woe betide anyone who thinks they should go in and “help”.  There is no discussion.  They know what would happen.  Delia would tell them in no uncertain terms.

And then we all wait while Delia munches.

I get to enjoy the wild and whacky hairdo’s!

I also go around each little pony and tell them how much they are loved.

And how proud I am of my little Minions.

There are some, I know, who would prefer a carrot but we had run out and I hate being associated with just food.

So a busy week ahead.  I have put up the Advent Calendar but not filled it in – you will have to wait until the 1st December like everyone else in the whole world.

I am pretty sure there won’t be a blog tomorrow. I wont reach my destination until 19:00 at the earliest and it would be rude to just arrive, barge past family and plonk myself down at the computer to whinge about airports and travelling.

7 thoughts on “Going Again

  1. Terri

    Hope you’re feeling better for your trip south. Take care, and have a peaceful time. Hope your Mum is ok too — everyone I know who has had cataract surgery has greatly improved vision.

  2. Louise Stopford

    Loved the wild “hair do’s” and those noses are just meant for kissing. Everyone looks on very good form, despite your wild and windy Shetland weather at the moment. I am sure your daughters and OH will do a good job of holding the fort in your absence. Hope you have a good journey and all is well. I am intrigued about “this year’s Advent Calendar”!!??


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