New Shoes!

Jo is a farrier in her spare time.  She holds what are known as “grandfather rights” on the Farrier Registry which means she can trim and shoe our horses.  Having crawled out of bed this morning, I briefly glanced at Facebook to see the message “I will come over this morning and doo Pork meister’s shoes”, which literally translates to “I will come over and shoe Haakon”.  I was very pleased to read this as I have started riding again and he struggles without shoes. I would love him to be barefoot but it isn’t fair on him.  He has no clear gaits and I don’t want him to associate riding with pain.  Of all the horses we have, Haakon needs to be shod if he is ridden on any surface.  We just about manage in the sand school shoeless but he shuffles along without much interest or impulsion.  A set of shoes on and we are flying!


Klængur came in to supervise and to check Jo was doing it properly.


He did much supervising ….


and checking too.


I turned around and noticed Iacs was doing a very fair Donkey-from-Shrek impression.  This is his best-behaviour face.  The resemblance was uncanny.


BeAnne tried to sit in the forge.  I have no idea why.  She is a bit odd at the moment – very clingy.  I think it is the weather.  She hates the winter storms and change of air pressure (she is a sensitive soul).


But we quickly evicted her when Jo fired it up.


I find shoes in the forge absolutely hypnotic.


So Jo bashed away and put on a set of shoes for my fat boy.   Thank you, Jo.  Appreciated by us both.  Now we can fly again.


BeAnne and Snati playing in the school.  They had fun.

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