More pics from yesterday

A few more photos from yesterday when Floss and I went to see the girls.

This is Fivla looking up to see her beloved Flossie.  They haven’t seen each other for months.


Little Madame Zoot who got everywhere.


Millhouse Verona with a freezing cold Floss.  Verona is a sweetie and we think pregnant.  She ran with PingPong this summer.  Always first up for a hug, Verona is a very affectionate mare.


Millhouse Vitamin, Fivla’s co-star.  We call her Minnie.  She is Lyra and PingPong’s devoted mother.  There is a huge family resemblance.  You can see where Indy gets his lovely character.


I am pretty sure that is Vitamin, again.


Fivla once more.  She is filthy (hangs head in shame) but the filth keeps them healthy this time of year.  There, I knew dirt is good for you!


Threapwood Velvereta – aka Hetty – with her long, long mane.  It takes hours to brush and goes into tangled ringlets every time the wind blows.  The Shetland wind bleaches the tips.  Some women pay a fortune for this look at the hairdresser. They could achieve this for free just by living in a Shetland field.


Hetty again.  Probably one of the most beautiful mares we have.


Little Lyra-Lyra-Pantson-Fyra (one for Daisy)


Zootuss-Tootuss.  Little minx.


She was busy hopefully reversing into Flossie for her bum scratch.


Zoot with Melly Melinda, her mum.  Zoot still luffs her mum and we are going to separate them shortly for a while.


Les girls – Thordale Carina and Thordale Lyra, I think.


“Bad, wicked, naughty Zoot”


And the local farmer herding his sheep.  Floss and I heard some apoplectic shouting in the distance and saw this wonderful demonstration going on in the nearby field.  Just like One Man and His Dog on the telly.


4 thoughts on “More pics from yesterday

  1. Christine

    I saw that you’d won blogger of the year with Haynet and they raved about your photos so I thought I’d check them out – gorgeous! What a lovely group of Shetlands!
    Congrats on your win 🙂

  2. Vivienne Skidmore.

    I love your pictures and the things you are doing. I only wish I could be there in person to volunteer some help. My now 35year old daughters first pony when she was 2 and a half was a black Shetland named chocy. She spent ours on his back with her little fingers entwined in his mane. We now live in America and It is my hope that we will find one for our now 2and half granddaughter. Equally horse crazy. We put her up on my daughter’s old show pony now 30 years old we have had him since he was 9 but she needs a pony. Thank you for bringing old memories back to life.


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