Severe Gale, Force 9 out there, gusting 63 mph if my calculations and conversions are right.  Anyway, the horses are sheltering at the bottom of the valley, going out and looking for grass during the lull.


I went for a drive round to look at the waves which I hoped would be spectacular.  They were.  The took my breath away, though I stayed in the car as it was safest.

BN2A6459 BN2A6460 BN2A6473 BN2A6477 BN2A6500 BN2A6519 BN2A6553

After that, I drove to Sandness to see “les boys” who were happily ignoring the outdoors and just eating as per usual.  Hammy saw me and came over for a chat.  For a wet and a weed (aka Fotherington-Thomas), he is doing very well this winter. I doubt we will have to rug him.

BN2A6679BN2A6696  BN2A6700

Charles Buttons Esq was committing the most heinous of crimes.  Leaning on the fence.  I shouted at him.


So, in return, he did his village-idiot face, which makes me laugh every time.  To think that certain folk were running after us at a certain show waving wads of cash at us to buy that pony.    Seems like an age away now.

BN2A6688 BN2A6691

I hung around for a few minutes taking photos.   They are all comedians in this field and I left with a huge smile.  I wish it hadn’t been quite so windy or I would’ve gone in and said hello properly but it was verging on dangerous outside so I remained in the car shouting ineffectually at Charles.


Indy is happy with his little group.  That is the most important thing.  No Thordale horses ever live on their own and, even if Hammy never achieves great things ridden or driven, while we have Indy, he can be his BFF (best friend forever).  So Hammy does have a purpose, just perhaps not the one we originally intended.


3 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. Cate

    “Snap!” Martine—I was thinking, those waves look just like Frances’ ponies’ manes in the wind! LOL post and love the calendar pic today too.

  2. Linda

    Love today’s post – Hammy and Charles and Indy 🙂 I do like Hammy a lot so I’m glad he has a good job as Indy’s pal.


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