Matching Horses, Matching Daughters

I popped by the indoor school to find Daisy training her horse, Kappi.

They were just coming to the end of their session.

I truly enjoy watching them and they worked very well together.

Let it be known that I try very hard not to be a “Dance Mom” and it is not easy for me, as a control freak, to let them get on with it by themselves.

But I keep telling myself that it is their relationship together.

Not mine.

Once they had finished, Flossie and her horse, Klængur, came into the school.

We try to colour coordinate!

Flossie and Klængur are working very hard on their teamwork and communication.

I am helping Flossie at the moment.

Klængur is a complicated little chap.

One minute he is happily tölting round the school and then suddenly…… trot!

Now where on earth did that gait come from?

Klængur never trots with me.  Never.  Perhaps he knows I would instantly fall to bits.  The two beat trot really hurts my back.  Sort of ow-ow, ow-ow, ow-ow and I ache afterwards.

At the end, there is nothing like a good stretch.  You can almost hear just how relaxed Klængur was.  They both worked very hard.

Meanwhile, Bjørn rode Taktur outside.  He is the black dot in the distance.

Today, me and my feet stayed firmly on the ground.

2 thoughts on “Matching Horses, Matching Daughters

  1. Terri

    Nothing wrong with matchy-matchy once in awhile! Yes, the photo of Bjorn and Taktur, behind the bones of an ancient croft, is truly magical. (Christmas present to him, perhaps?) ;))


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