In fields where they lay, keeping their sheep

Daisy and I have just come home from a lovely carol concert in town hosted by the Shetland Choral Society.

As well as beautifully sung carols, there was a constant supply of tea/coffee and cake!

In my opinion, this has to be the nicest way to listen to carols – eating homemade cake!  Shetland is the best place for home baking!

We did our bit and were very supportive.

So, every time a sheep was mentioned in a carol, being lowly or otherwise, Daisy and I would look at each other and smile, thinking to ourselves about our happy little flock.

The Boyzenberries are all on wonderful form.  For once, they are in a good routine and almost do as they are told.  If anyone wanted real sheep for a real Nativity play, these boys would be perfect for the part.

‘Ster has been working on his sincere face.

‘Bert has perfected his own Winning Smile.

Lambie is trying out a new meaningful face.

Blue Steel …..

or Magnum?  You decide.

He also has his usual nose-kissey face.

Darling sheepy boys.

I feel there may be a Nativity market here I could be tapping into with three very tame sheep.

It is probably just as well we do not all live on mainland UK.

Lambie also has a cynical face and so do I!

3 thoughts on “In fields where they lay, keeping their sheep

  1. Terri

    So glad you have your little flock back together — three is not a crowd! This is a nice slice of life in Shetland, thanks for sharing.

  2. Colleen McNamara

    Love your boyzenberries. I have some little things for your tree. Not sure they will make it for Christmas, but then there are the 12 days of Christmas and the epiphany too.
    If you feel comfortable could you send me a mailing address?
    The little goodies will bring some international flavor to your tree. All the way from New Mexico, USA.
    Hope you are OK with my request.
    Give Albie and Newt a nosey rub for me. My ‘ol gal loved nosey rubs and carrots too.
    Warmest wishes,
    Colleen McNamara


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