Last Days in Shetland

Anna here. I am being trusted to write the blog solo, as this is my last night with Frances, Daisy, Richard, dogs, horses, and chickens. I have had such an amazing time here in Shetland. It was the best 4 weeks of my life and I have made friends I will keep in touch with forever.

Today was a bit rainy, but Daisy and I still went for a hack down to Watsness, which was fun. Otherwise during this grey day we have been eating delicious Richard-bagels and relaxing. A good day for that. Yesterday we went for a drive with Fivla, which is what I shall blog about today.

We started by getting Fivla’s adorable little red road cart.



We then got Fivla harnessed up.






and put to…








Daisy is shown here modelling the newest reflective safety gear. It is very in fashion this season and it likely to cause others to notice you, which is a very good thing when you are driving or riding a pony (in real life it was originally a small dog coat!)




Even our road cart is wearing Hi-Viz- Jo’s jacket.



We went down to the school and back with Fivla. Many tourists stopped to take photos of her adorableness. You can see why…  she should have her own princess-style coach.






I gave Daisy the reins for the last stretch of the drive. It was very scary…



Just kidding. She did a very nice job.





We got home safely and had a wonderful time.




I am sad to leave, but must now go back home to my parents, my dogs, my American miniature horse and the Fell pony I ride. I hope to come back and visit my family here again soon. I have gained an extra mom and sister and that is a wonderful thing. I am also so appreciative to Jo for her guidance, help, and wonderful personality. I would like to thank Bjørn for his amazing riding instruction and for doing our hair and Tore for his waffles.  Everyone was so generous, nice, and awesome (Frances must excuse my use of this word). Off to Sumburgh lighthouse tomorrow for Puffin watching, a hotel at night, then a really early flight on Thursday. Thanks everybody and have a great Summer!!! Keep reading Frances’ blog…

7 thoughts on “Last Days in Shetland

  1. Neil (Highmac)

    There’s no doubt just how much you enjoyed your stay. And you have pictures to treasure.

    Have a safe and pleasant journey home 🙂

  2. Diana Mitchell

    Sorry to see you go Anna. Has been an absolute delight to follow your stay in Shetland. Bon voyage!

  3. Mandy Fairless

    Sad to see you leave Anna, is been a pleasure to “meet” you. Good luck in whatever your future holds!
    Oh, and I must tell you, I am soooo envious of your hair, just love the colour and the curls!

    Love Mandy (purpleunicorn) xx


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