Bloody Kids!

I was told there was thunder outside so I went out into the garden, in the wrong shoes of course, to investigate.  There giggling were Bozz-Bozz and his half-brother, Arcturus, happily playing tag.

BN2A3732 BN2A3772  BN2A3767 BN2A3744 BN2A3737 BN2A3725

These two small little boys were having the time of their lives galloping after each other and biting legs around their 25 acre Shetland hill park.


The grown-ups stood by the gate looking on disapprovingly until they were unceremoniously buzzed too.


Back and forth the yearling colts went.

BN2A3828 BN2A3824

Sometimes they would annoy Hammy enough so he would chase them away which added to their fun even more.


BN2A3791  BN2A3796

Hammy moved beautifully.  Galloping is obviously his forte.

BN2A3820 BN2A3781

The chasing, annoying and giggling went on for the morning but I have to be careful about walking on any uneven surfaces at the moment, so I just took the photos from afar (which you can tell).  It was lovely to watch them, though.  The boys were having the best time.  Soon they will be split up and go their separate ways to opposite ends of the UK.   Both are sold.  I am sure they will always remember their time growing up together.


I have a feeling Taktur and Klængur won’t miss them even slightly.


You could see them thinking “bloody kids!”


5 thoughts on “Bloody Kids!

  1. Krista

    Beautiful photos of a heart-happy playtime! I am smiling from here, and can even hear their thundering from thousands of miles away!

  2. Nicky Callam

    I will miss my favourite Bozz-Bozz! I wish I could have bought him but he would have exploded on our Sussex grass. Even my competition warmbloods are threatening to go pop despite being in full work! Nicky (aka Pandora)


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