Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!

The other night, we had a girlie night in.  Bjørn came round, Eurovision 2013 was blaring on the laptop and these were the two willing models.


First request:  That they were waiting in dressing gowns with hair washed


I will admit that both Anna and Daisy were a tad nervous but Bjørn knew what he was doing and I had in mind what I wanted to achieve.  Using only what we had – ok, I had bought in hair spray, mousse and some pins – Bjørn went to work on Anna first.

L1030364 L1030367

Sadly, BeAnne turned into BitchAnne by taking the best bed in the house.


Rather than offering her guest, Amina, the best seat in the house, she told her to stay under the table. I was ashamed.


So Amina fell in love with Jack instead who felt a tad nervous.  He did not want a paternity test or maintenance responsibilities.


Meanwhile, Bjørn worked his magic on Anna and Daisy and then I took over and did their make up.  We used my jewellery and other pieces.  I am not very good at make-up but I had a go.


After that came the hard work for the girls.  Wow!  That is the only word really.

L1030410BN2A3506L1030398  L1030427

So, while I was taking photos of Anna with and without her mask, Bjørn worked his magic on Daisy.


Again, same drill, mousse, hairdryer, makeup and jewellery that I already had.  I cry when I see these photos but that is because I am her mother so I am allowed to.

L1030525 BN2A3551 BN2A3547  L1030523

I also loved the girls both together like two princesses about to be sold to the highest bidder, in the Royal Family.  This was pure make believe with dressing-up.


Ok, so I was learning how the camera(s) worked, how to use a tripod for this sort of thing, the best lighting, trying not to shake at the amazing results and watch Eurovision at the same time.  This is the reality, between scenes.  Daisy had socks on, as well as wearing one of Floss’ dresses (as was Anna), BitchAnne and Jack at their feet, perched on the sofa trying not to giggle at the whole fantasy of the evening plus the “ridiculous” behind the scenes.


The girls laughed so much too, which was very healthy as we were just experimenting in looks, different worlds and having fun!


(someone felt a little left out – but she is always a supermodel to me!)


Anyway, back for the second go was Anna.  A completely different look for her and it was an incredible transformation again. The girls did their own make-up this time.

L1030594L1030650 L1030644 L1030643 L1030625  L1030655 L1030654

Wow, oh wow!  I just kept snapping. I had given up being any influence.


Bjørn worked hard too in the kitchen ….


And these are Daisy’s second photoshoot photos ….

L1030685 L1030661 L1030660 L1030728 L1030716 L1030703 L1030799

Wow!  I can’t find words for these incredible transformations.  The girls are so beautiful.  I always knew that. I say it to them all the time but, of course, being a mother, they never believe me because that is what mothers always say.  The camera, however, never lies.


What can I say?  Well, really a huge enormous thank you to Bjørn for helping two teenage girls see their potential, their beauty and their awesome power.  We had the best night and it was life-changing for us all.


And this is the morning after! A duvet day for the supermodels.  They deserved it.


9 thoughts on “Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!

  1. Michelle

    I loved seeing the transformations! Both beautiful girls made magical by hair, make-up, jewelry and clothes. I liked the second round better. Anna rocks the up-do, and is stunning in black and white. Daisy is very Audrey Hepburn-ish. What else does Bjorn do besides train horses and riders and do marvelous hair-styling???

  2. Maddi

    Gorgeous photos!! Bjorn is a man of many talents it seems! Very different from the usual look of jods and hoodies we normally see them in 🙂

  3. Patsy DuBois

    Wow, wow, and wow again!!!!

    Not only do I have to learn to knit sweaters for our horse– but now I am going to need to master the comb, brush, mousse etc.!!! What fun— what beauties!

    Anna’s Mom


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