Lambie is Home

Guess who was in the house?

A very small black and white (fleckit is the Shetland name) Lambie.

He is so insignficant that we can barely see him.

Lambie had, somehow, managed to ditch the others in their field and come home.  He didn’t care while they were calling for him, or to come out.

Lambie treated this place like a hotel – coming and going on a whim.   Some were less than impressed.

Lambie is a social beast.  He feels and he cares despite what our MP’s actually think and may they rot in the Hell that is waiting for them.  Animals are sentient beings.  End of.

Anywho, back off my soapbox…… Wussums was less than impressed with this new visitor. If you could currently smell the odour that surrounds Lambie (sheeple pee), you would understand Wu’s lack of enthusiasm for the meet n’ greet.

And then there was swiping.  Not our best moment, to be perfectly honest.

Poor little Lamb-Lamb.  Suddenly, Daisy heard OH’s car coming home so she quickly pushed Lambie outside while I Febrezed the house and we denied all knowledge!

4 thoughts on “Lambie is Home

  1. Linda

    My first thought on reading this was “oh, I bet OH must be away from the house…”
    The mice will play while the cat’s away; especially if there’s some Febreze on hand. 😉

  2. Louise Stopford

    Wonderful!! I was wondering if Mr. Wu would take a swipe. To be fair he did well to let Lambie sniff him at all. I wonder what the other three think when Lambie makes his way indoors – if there’s any jealously involved you had better be careful as they might give your little game away and have a quiet word in OH’s ear. You made me smile today – thank you.

    1. Frances Post author

      The others think they like to come indoors but actually, when they get here and realise it is not their territory, they leave in a flap.

      Lambie lived here for many months (til OH threw him out for chewing his computer cables!) so knows his way around the house. He loves the kitchen. That was his bedroom under the stairs.


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