They Make Me Laugh

While I sat on the wall of the tiny shed waiting for Delia to eat her daily Golden Paste and conditioning cube mixture, a certain little person was hopping up and down outside trying to get my attention so I could see just how starving he was.

If you were confronted with this little face, you could not but return the smile.  It would be rude not to.

Storm was grinning at me.

I think this is called “working the room” or field in my case.

I defy anyone to have a hard heart and not chuckle even a little bit.  Or is this a face only a mother could love?

Meanwhile, on other sides of the walls, I was being stalked. I do come with carrots for the others and chucked them over so they didn’t feel left out on the food front.

Tiddles came up behind me.

We were both practising the gentle Art of the Selfie when he gave me a smacker on the lips.

When Delia had finished her bucket and was mooching round for any last little bits that might’ve dropped out, I took the bucket away and gave it to Vitamin to polish off, which she duly obliged with 100% enthusiasm.

Storm was disgusted (ears back) but for me, Storm is a bit like Asterix – despite his terrible start in life, he fell in the cauldron as a yearling and doesn’t actually need more food.

But I am a nice Muzzah, and I let Storm have the leftovers of the leftovers of Delia’s bucket.

Therefore, I was allowed to leave the field in one piece.

7 thoughts on “They Make Me Laugh

  1. Linda

    They do know how to beg, don’t they? And that’s why they have SUCH CUTE FACES!

    (Aren’t you glad you didn’t get that kiss from someone who’d had the Golden Paste…) 😉

  2. Sam

    Storm must know all about Lambie’s Winning Smile and trying his wiles on Muzzah. Why would one ignore such a mug? As for Tiddles’ kisses – lucky lady! Glad you got the selfie on that one. And the Golden Paste makes for such cute faces!

  3. Deb

    Frances, do you have instagram? There is a photo of the ponies in sweaters sort of being passed around. Not an issue, nobody’s claiming it as theirs, they just love the pic. I commented in one of them that the ponies were yours and that you blog daily…

    1. Frances Post author

      Thanks – it is probably not my photo. I did not take the original ones – they were commissioned by VisitScotland and taken by a proper photographer because, hey, I just own the ponies and take photos occasionally.


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