Introducing Statler and Waldorf

Flossie had a riding lesson this afternoon with our trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen.

Daisy, as observer and chief pooper-scooper, plonked herself down on an upturned bucket and made herself comfortable.  BeAnne took up her usual residence on Daisy’s knee.

Earlier, the Boyzenberries had been let out of their field and were now having a mosy around.

Lambie was feeling very chatty.

‘Bert was intrigued watching Flossie and Klængur.

Support and help was offered.

‘Ster wandered in and out of the shed according to how he felt and what he could find to eat or wear.

So while Flossie was riding Klængur,…..


…. the Lambie and ‘Ster watched – like Statler and Waldorf.

The riding lesson was going very well.


The others eventually got bored and left but Lambie stayed with Daisy.

First it was the bin’s turn.

And then he decided to go through the rubbish and find a potential food bag to fling about or up-end himself into.  The last time he did this, he vanished into it and gave himself a panic attack!  It took ages to calm him down.

At the end of the lesson, Klængur had his food and Lambie desperately wanted to join in.

Everyone achieved.  A good afternoon’s lesson.

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