Are We Pregnant?

So are we pregnant?



I think we are going to be a grandmother, if The Gods smile on us.

Can I just say that absolutely no one is getting any extra feed.  Hetja must be pregnant because if she is just fat, then she is a heffalump!

Yesterday, I moved the mothers and sons out of the mud and into a better field.  I had some reservations based on Hetja’s shape but she is feeding for two and from now on what is inside will be developing and growing.

I found this on ‘tnet – “By 180 days, the foal will weigh nearly ten pounds and will be growing whiskers and eyelids that are capable of blinking.”  Hetja is around 26 weeks pregnant while Brá is 25 weeks.  So exciting.  The Sire is Daisy’s stallion, Taktur.

However, the boys are still with their mothers, though Hjalti is weaned (from last year).

Hjalti is a year older and just there as company for Efstur.

Brá is doing well.

She is still feeding Efstur occasionally but I watch her trying to dissuade him from nursing, ie wean him.

As Brá looks good, I am not worried about her.  We will shuffle everyone around in a few weeks and wean Efstur as well and then the girls can concentrate on growing their babies.

I want Efstur to be weaned as unstressfully as possible.

Hopefully being with the boys, including Taktur, and his bestie, Hjalti, then everything should be ok.

We will see how it goes.

(gosh, it gets dark early – I took these just after lunch yesterday).




2 thoughts on “Are We Pregnant?

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I’m cold just looking at these photos, can’t imagine how cold it is there for real.

    A grand and glorious Christmas and Happy New Year, especially since you all are going to be grandma-ma’s.


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