Name this Horse?

It is pouring with rain today. We do need it to make the grass grow and we have not had rain for ages but it makes for a day of necessary chores rather than fun.


Jo came over to do some work. I made a huge vat of soup and there were three lunch sittings in my kitchen with me washing up in between as we only have 6 bowls and 6 lots of cutlery including soup spoons in our lives.  It was lovely to see so many people and I might need a bit of a lie down now to recover. 

Every so often, I would brave the weather and pop by into the school to see who was doing what (control freak, moi? – au contraire).  That is Anna trying to teach Hammy to drive with the help of Fiona, while Iacs is acting as Moral Support in the background.


A little guessing game – so who is this?


Ok, a bit more of a clue….. a soggy lug?


No?  One side of dripping mane….


A revolting wet forelock….


A knowing eye…. aww, come on, the eye must give it away – that look of steely determination (and missing his mum).


Now, this is the vital clue….


Yup, Jo was shoeing Haakon for me, not that I can ride him, but he has very peculiar feet and has to wear shoes all the time.  Barefoot would make him very unhappy.


Some might say he stands like a giraffe or a camel – some might if they had a liking for hospital food.


Anyway, I love him and I miss him very much.  Sometimes being on the ground is not the same as riding.  But hey-ho, I know my limits at the moment and I am listening to my surgeon, though I am sure he thinks I don’t.  Daisy is doing a very good job with him (Haakon, not my surgeon).

Meanwhile, Hammy craves constant support and attention, which Anna seems to have a shed-load of, an endless supply.  This is Hammy’s emotional “needy” face.


I should be signing him up for therapy but he is Anna’s challenge for her “holiday” – and I use this word in its loosest of terms – the poor lass hasn’t stopped since she got here.


Anywho, I have my therapy. Always there, if a little wet and smelly at times.


1 thought on “Name this Horse?

  1. Sam

    It is clear that Anna is having the time of your life with you all. And i loved Hammy’s close up pictures.


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