How to Train a Dragon

Daisy and Dreki today. I wanted to see what she was doing with him.

Catching in the field.

Leading nicely away from his friends.

Going helpfully through the gate on his own.

(I love his little face!)

The support team.  Dad and half-bro.

Not minding about leaving the herd and leading nicely.

A few laps of the school, learning Daisy’s body language, concentrating and listening.


Then Daisy attached the lunge line to his headcollar.

To date, Dreki had only lunged on both reins in walk.

So today she asked him to trot and he thought that was great!

Lots of listening to verbal commands.

More trotting in a circle.

Who knew?


“Was I a good boy?  Was I?”

Daisy sorting the lunge line out and changed the rein.

A small bit of knitting.

And off Dreki went again.

Looking very nice and calm.

“I was a good boy on this rein too, wasn’t I?”

“Trot?  Certainly. I can do that.”

Afterwards, Daisy put a saddle on Dreki.

And they went for a walk.

She flapped the saddle flaps and he stood there quietly.

All good.

And when Daisy took off the saddle, she showed it to him.  Dreki was fascinated.

So all good.  We are very pleased with him. Early days of course, but these foundation blocks are essential in Dreki’s training.

9 thoughts on “How to Train a Dragon

  1. Judith Garbutt

    A perfect start to his training! How many will you have to exercise during the course of this year? I tried to have a count up – 5 or more?

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Daisy is wonderful with him. Even though this is early in his training he looks collected in his trot. YEAH such a calm , sweet inquisitive fellow. Keep up the good work.
    sending warm thoughts,

  3. Jayne

    How wonderful – for everyone concerned. You must have either had a lump in your throat or been beaming with pride.

    I loved how you said recently “we set him up to succeed” – oh for a world where all animals are treated that way.


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