Klængur’s Talent

It is much lighter in the mornings, what with the snow and now we are heading for the longest day (a little way away but who cares – we are now the “right side” of winter).

One of my morning jobs is to take the old men their bucket feed, first carefully portioned out by Daisy according to their dietary requirements.

Today Iacs finished early and went to wait for Floss to arrive with the hay.  He is not stupid enough to come and annoy Haakon.  He knows what will happen.  Haakon relies on me to keep the “vultures” away.

Meanwhile, Klængur amused himself by playing with his bucket.  He does this every day.  It’s his thing. It makes me laugh.

Although the Old Men have a spring that runs through their field, we like them to also have access to a large trough of fresh water as well – the spring can get easily covered over in the snow and they forget to drink.

We break the ice daily and remove as much as possible with our hands, piling it up on the edge.  It is painful work for us as it can’t be done with gloves on (I can’t grip the ice to get it out). There is lots of swearing and hopping up and down trying to quickly dry and warm hands again).

I hope this lot appreciate what we do for them.

The proof is that they all look very good this winter.

Today Klængur excelled himself and went for the two bucket pick-up!

I told him he was a clever boy!

And then Floss came over with the morning’s hay.  All eyes were on her and everyone was very happy to see her.

Winter is very hard work especially when it snows.


6 thoughts on “Klængur’s Talent

  1. Sam

    Nice to see such funny bucket work! And yes, we are on the right side of winter even if we got 8″ of snow yesterday to add to the 10″ from last Monday and 2 more chances of snow this week…

  2. diane in northern wis

    I can certainly appreciate how hard the work is in the winter. Thank you for loving your animals so much and being so diligent in all that you do for them. Great pictures again today Frances!

  3. Cathleen

    The joys of winter ☹️
    I use a plastic IKEA colander to seive the water out of the ice, works really well & can be hung by string on a fence post. Other brands are available!


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