Little Lambs

I have been working on a new addition(s) to my Sheeple family who I sell to help with the Minion bills.

There are now little lambs!

I think they are very sweet and, although they look simple, they are little devils to make.  I find their ears are getting bigger.  I need to work on my skills.

But they also have dear little botttooooms!

(and I think they would make the cutest film too).

Obviously, because they are handmade, they are not all the same size and they are each different.

Once I made these three little spuds, I decided to give them some “grown-ups” to sit with and took photos for the blog.  I was happy with them.

But BeAnne didn’t want to go in for her tea, she was happily asleep in front of the fire, so I made one more –  an experiment really.

And I call him Spud!

He looks like a Spud.

Anyway, I hope you like them.  I am also thinking of starting a Facebook page to add my creations as I make them.

They are all for sale.   Little ones are £12 each and curly ones, like Spud, are £15. “Grown-ups” are £20 each and curly ones £25.

2 thoughts on “Little Lambs

  1. diane in northern wis

    You are getting so good at making these lambs, Frances. I hope you sell a zillion of them or more!


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