Hmmmmm….. Not Sure!

I accompanied Daisy and Taktur out for a hack.  They went off training while Haakon and I pottered along at the back.

He was not himself at all.  Very slow and tail-swishy when asked for anything else.  Usually Haakon keeps up with the best of ’em, but today, he decided he didn’t want to.

Odd things I noticed:

Efstur (with the joys of Spring) was trying to mount Haakon while I led him out of his field, which greatly pissed him off as he couldn’t retaliate as he had a head-collar on.

It was hot, for Shetland, and Haakon still has some winter coat on – he had a sweaty chest.

Haakon has been working hard all week.

So, I am not sure what to think.

Haakon didn’t even canter off with me on the way home. He always does that  – no manners and I forgive him.  So, to not do it means something is going on.

After the ride, instead of putting Haakon back in with the guys, we took Iacs out and let the old men have a break from the young bucks.  Haakon is the leader of the herd.

So the “young bucks” waited by the gate for their leader to return.

It is hot.  The sheeples are all suffering hugely too.

(Even I am in a t-shirt!)

So I am not sure what to think. As his rider, trainer and owner of 20 years (Haakon is 23), he felt like he wanted to do a big poo and then everything would be alright.  I gave him a probiotic and will reassess tomorrow.

I worry. He is getting old.  He has to last forever.  Not like Haakon not to bugger off home with me.  Please God don’t let there be something wrong.

He is eating fine, however.

5 thoughts on “Hmmmmm….. Not Sure!

  1. Terri

    Oh my. I can understand why you are concerned. However, looking at the positive side, I think you enumerated several plausible reasons why Haakon might act differently today. And he is still eating, that’s good! The young bucks obviously still consider him their fearless leader (the photo of them waiting proves it!). Aging brings changes, and perhaps, quite simply, he may be slowing down. Or today may have been an “off” day. (Everyone has them.) I’m holding the good thought over here in Oregon and sending positive vibes to Haakon….
    PS Is the sheepie who is melting into the ground ‘Ster?

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, it is Ster. He always suffers the most. They will hopefully be sheared this week.

  2. Sally Richmond

    I hope he is alright…maybe the heat was getting him down and making him feel lethargic. It is me!

  3. Linda

    I’m voting for the heat. Our dog (who loves her walks) just putters along and wants to go back home as soon as possible.

  4. Louise

    I’m a great believer that if they’re eating and pooing there can’t be anything serious going on. Saying that our hairy black Dales colt has been off his food in this heat, 26 degrees in May is too much for anyone xx


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