Swimming at Lyradale

There is a lovely warm shallow loch at Lyradale.

It is perfect for dogs.

And perfect for teaching a deaf little Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (or Toller, for short) puppy, how to enjoy swimming in a safe environment with her friends.

Little Zee needed to learn this special skill.

The others are all very good at it, but Zee has been reluctant to learn.

But learn she did and, after a slight tentative start, she loved it.

It was great to watch her gain her confidence in the water.

Her dog family already know what to do.  They swim and retrieve beautifully. You just chuck the dummy and it is brought back.  If it is missed, you point to it and they go and find it.


But, it really was BeAnne who helped Zee the most.

BeAnne was transfixed by the plastic floating water dummy.

She wanted it more than anything.

And openly covetting the dummy made Zee want it too!


BeAnne would steal it, if she could.

Others were better at sharing!

After lots of swimming, retrieving and best behaviour from everyone (which was lovely to see – I was very proud of BeAnne;  she was a star, no filthy language), we walked the dogs past the ponies and back to the cars.

The little deaf puppy was on a lead as certain Shetland ponies have been known to take advantage.

But, again, everyone behaved beautifully.

It was a lovely afternoon.  We must swim again. I will not be teaching the ponies, though.

4 thoughts on “Swimming at Lyradale

  1. Linda

    More lovely photos – and good girl, BeAnn helping your fellow canine!
    Frances, you have created such a loving, secure-feeling family of animals, I think that’s why they’re so welcoming to others…

  2. Sam

    Lovely to see BeAnne being truly helpful. Lovely Little Zee! Have yet to meet a Tolling in person – yet!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    We also have a deaf one – a wonderful English Cocker rescue. Chip’s hearing loss is simply getting older (at 10 years) and he is our second. Both have had “hearing” dogs as buddies. It doesn’t both Chip a wit to not hear,but we certainly have to stretch ourselves to learn what works. With 2 we have to keep speaking and instructing because the other, younger EC needs to hear us (sometimes more clearly than others).

    Yours is adorable and looks as though everyone had fun!


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