Almost First Contact

A certain little Icelandic filly foal is desperate to make friends with another little Icelandic colt foal.

Mother Hetja has other ideas.

Little Himself, Dreki the Dragon, is happily practising his cantering and turns but he, too, would like a friend to run about with.

Brá, Dreki’s mother, on the other hoof, is more than happy to let her little boy go and investigate the world.  She is not the clingy mother type.

Little Herself is not put off by her mother’s attitudes.  She has her own plan.

So, while Hetja was not noticing, she crept up to Brá and Dreki to say hello.

And then Hetja arrived too with her opinions on this…..

…. and put a stop to that.

Later in the day, the little foals had another go at meeting.

There is a little dance that they have to go through first.  It is lovely to watch.

I think it won’t be long before they are cantering around together.

On another good note, I took Haakon into the indoor school this afternoon. It is much cooler today and he was fine, back to factory settings.  We tölted happily on both reins (directions) so I think it must have been a combination of heat, old age and being jumped on by the little ones.

7 thoughts on “Almost First Contact

  1. Linda

    Glad to hear Haakon is feeling so much better – poor lad was just a little tired yesterday, evidently.

    And more sweetness with the colts trying to become friends; that can be tough with a protective mum around…

  2. Terri

    Please seriously consider writing a series of children’s books with your charming stories and perfect accompanying photos. ((You have posted similarly in the past, and I have thought that before, and I think others have as well.) The stories could include ones on Icelandic horses, Shetland ponies, sheep, dogs, cat, etc. and others on the interactions between species. Your subject material is right in front of you! ;)) xx

    About Haakon, I’m so relieved he is back to his grand old self!

  3. May

    So glad to hear that Haakon is back in form.
    It looks like the foals are already developing nice gaits. And so cute!


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