Hjalti’s First Proper Hack

Daisy rode Hjalti out today on a proper hack.

I accompanied them on Iacs, or Mr Bimble as he is oft known or “the short straw” (sorry Daisy) as I call him.  This would’ve been a job for Haakon but, as has no shoes and is still recuperating or possibly retired, Daisy offered me Bimble who did his job admirably – to accompany Hjalti in a non-worrying and pottering way.  We positively oozed calm.  That, and a silly-frilly hairstyle.

This time, with me on my noble steed as well, we went further.  Daisy was asking Hjalti to listen to her aids and not go blindly along with his hooves in his ears.  He was very excited at the prospect of The Great Outdoors and looked at everything with boggley-eyes, curiousity and enthusiasm, including when I got on Iacs.  He couldn’t believe it.  What on earth was I doing on Bimble’s back?

We didn’t meet anything, which was probably just as well, but we went a good way and I am sure once Hjalti climbs down from his happy high, he will sleep well tonight.  On the way home, his sister (Lilja) and mother (Hetja) spied him from their field and called to him.  He called back.  I wonder if they know they are all closely related?

So that was us.  Another good training session for Hjalti.  Daisy did brilliantly and if Hjalti ends up half as nice as Bimble, then he will be one very well-trained horse.  For a short straw, Iacs is not a bad one.  There, I’ve said it!

2 thoughts on “Hjalti’s First Proper Hack

  1. Cathy

    What a lovely happy post, and what a good boy Hjalti is. Daisy looks so good on him, she would give any baby horse confidence. Glad you all had a lovely outing.


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