The Girls are Home

We started out this morning with a plan, which unusually came together beautifully.

It was the usual goose, fox and bag of beans scenario but surprisingly everyone was easily caught, loaded nicely and led beautifully.  That is not like us.

The plan started by catching Fivla and then Lilja.  Lilja loaded like royalty, (if royalty go in and out of vans) and we drove them home.  Fivla’s role was company for Lilja who would be very distressed to be by herself.  We put them in next door stables so they could see but not upset each other.

Then we went back, caught and loaded Brá and Hetja.  We brought them over to Thordale and walked them to their pre-birthing field, Clothie.

Then we led Lilja to Clothie to go back in with the pregnant ladies, loaded Fivla into the van and drove her back to Leradale to rejoin the Minions.  We also opened the gates of Leradale and let the Minions have access to the rest of the field – the Icelandic ladies’ part.  There is more green grass and they can just finish it off and make a clean plate.  They didn’t need asking twice and cantered happily around the new-to-them bit of the field.

Phew!  So that’s done then.

I went to see them later with a pile of carrots that need eating quickly.

Mum and daughter together.

Now we start Bewb-Watch.



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