Perks of the Job

We had our first official Minion visitors yesterday and I must say everyone behaved beautifully.  They introduced themselves, remained calm, interested and were very chatty – the Minions, that is.

One of the perks of my job at Turriefield is being given old veg that is past its best and so in my car boot I had two huge crates of old carrots. As a reward for the good behaviour, I tipped out a good pile for the Minions to say well done and thank you.

This is Silver sniffing his lovely carrot.  Odd.

Everyone else piled in.

Today, with the last of the carrots – they needed finishing up fast and I have been distributing them around the croft for the past few days – Floss and I went to check on the Minions.

Mostly the herd were near the gate and I threw the last of the carrots down.

All except Silver and Albie who said they were stuck.  So Flossie kindly went to show them how to go round the fence, and follow her back.

Once they saw Flossie, they worked it out for themselves, cantering past her to get to the carrot pile.

Silver cantered past me but Albie suddenly stopped and waited.

He was waiting for Floss to come too.  Albie walked back with her.  Floss is Albie’s “Mum” having spent many hours his first summer taking buckets of milk to him and spending much time with him.  He adores her.  He hasn’t forgotten.  I don’t think he ever will.  I hadn’t expected him to wait for her. It was very sweet.

Don’t worry there were plenty of carrots and Albie had his fair share.

And again, Silver was being different.

So that’s the last of the carrots.  Everyone equine adored them which is just as well as there were plenty.

4 thoughts on “Perks of the Job

  1. Cathy

    So sweet, Albie waiting for Flossie. That is such a special bond.

    Glad they all behaved beautifully like the pros they are. I wonder why Silver is checking his carrots so carefully? They always find something to surprise us.

  2. jacqueline slavich

    Just love your photos and comments. Perfectly timed for breakfast reading here in NZ. Wondering about the history of the old stone structures often in the background of the photos.


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