Hjalti and Efstur’s Turn

The Orca Autopsy is featured under the heading Orca (at the top).

Today, and I am not sure why, I decided was a good day for Efstur to start to learn to lead nicely with a headcollar and rope.

I caught Hjalti in the field and Efstur followed him nicely into the school.  I tied up Hjalti and went to reintroduce Efstur to Mr Headcollar.

Bearing in mind I can count on one hand how often he has worn a headcollar, Efstur stood quietly in the big indoor school and let me put it on without any discussion or worry.

Then I took him for a short walk, teaching him how to walk listening to and watching body language and then so did Daisy, while I took photos.

The dear little boy tried very hard and enjoyed the rewards.

(that’s his “did-I-do-well” face!)

Then Efstur was tied up so he could learn that special skill.

Next up was Hjalti, who had been tied up, waiting patiently for his friend.

He had his headcollar and walking-nicely lessons last year and still remembered them.

Walking with Hjalti is very strange as he is a smaller version of his mother, Hetja, with all the same mannerisms!

Efstur was still trying to get to the grips of this standing still lark.

He eventually mastered it – he was tied up for about 5 whole minutes.

Rewards for all in the form of a bucket of grub each, which they shared, despite there being two buckets!

These two really are joined at the hip which is good because working with them will be double the fun!

We won’t do much – probably 5 minutes each a few times a week.  Nothing huge, nothing mind blowing, just general being caught and led with the odd picking up of the feet and standing nicely while tied up.

10 thoughts on “Hjalti and Efstur’s Turn

  1. Cathy

    Such a gentle sympathetic start got your boys. Efstur is a little star, and Hjalti has remembered his lessons perfectly. Thank you for posting the Orca pics. So sad to see a beautiful animal die like this, but quite touching to see the care and respect of the autopsy team

  2. Wendy from NY

    Such darling boys are Efstur and Hjalti, how nice to be able to work with them.

    Fascinating photos of the autopsy, what a monumental task! Just sorting through the intestines must have been a tedious job. Great pictures, very glad not to be there and smell that however. Thanks for posting, sure I’ll never see that in person!

  3. Sheryl Vicino

    Sorry if these comments are in the wrong place.
    Thank you for showing us the orca pictures . They are truly beautiful.
    Just wondered how did she get her name, Linga?

  4. Darby

    such good little boys! and thank you for the Orca posts, not easy to look at but I am grateful that there are those who take the time and effort to find out what had happened to this magnificant creature

  5. Nancy

    Nice little lessons! I wish I could learn more about horse training from you!

    Thank you for sharing about the Orca! It was very informative for me.

  6. Louise Stopford

    Those 2 boys are beautiful – they look as if they will do very well with their lessons. They both looks as if they have very sweet natures.


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