Equine Explorers

My turn to pop over to Leradale today to check on everyone there.  I took the dogs with me.

As instructed, the preggie ladies had an apple each.

They expect it.  Thems are The Rules (apparently).

I had also brought a pocket full of carrots for the smaller ones.

I duly dished them out as equally as possible.

And then on with the dog walk.

Storm decided he was coming too because I could be dropping carrots, Hansel and Gretel-like all the way round.

When Waffle and Tiddles turned up, he quickly lost interest in me.

So the dogs and I continued with a lovely walk around the field of Leradale.

They loved it – so much space.

Lots to explore.

BeAnne even went for a little paddle!

This then gives her the perfect excuse to roll in as many disgusting smells as she can find before I turn round and shout at her!


On our way back, the ponies spied me in the distance and I shouted for them to come over.

They spend far too much time mooching around in the same spot and never explore the rest of their huge field.

First Lyra, Waffle, Storm and Silver walked over.

They followed me nose to tail in the row behind me and then branched out as they remembered there was actually more to this field and it had potential.

There was a whinny and Tiddles appeared feeling left out. He had decided that staying with the old ladies (Fivla and Vitamin) was boring.

In the end Vitamin and Fivla followed because their herd had suddenly vanished!

I left them all exploring and I hope they find there is more to their 30 acre field than just standing watching two pregnant mares eat!

We will see where they have got to tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Equine Explorers

  1. Terri

    Lovely piece of property — does anyone know the history of the croft hoose? It looks like something from a novel, so romantic….
    It’s great to see BeAnne doing the things she loves (regardless of the after-scent, which doesn’t affect me, haha). Looks as if Loki had fun too!


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