The Last of the Snow Photos

Lambie welcomes you to his home!  He loves waiting in the porch because you just never know who will turn up, preferably with biscuits – his latest new love.  Rich Tea biscuits, please.

The snow has all melted now and I am spending time working on a long blog post which I hope to put up tomorrow – the Killer Whale autopsy!  Yes, we were invited to attend and it was fascinating.

Meanwhile, you can have another day off from the potental blood and gore while I show off the last of the photos I took when it was snowing.

Within a day, the temperature jumped ten degrees celsius and we are back to the endless mud and slush.  The snow was pretty for a short while.

Lambie enjoyed the snow.  He hates mud with full-on loathing.  His can barely bring himself to walk through it.

I love the way his coat is efficiently designed for this weather.

(a little Winning Smile – he loves his Muzzah)

‘Ster and ‘Bert were contentedly sitting together.

Everyone was nodding off to sleep.  Despite the snow, it was very warm as there was no wind.


Then onto the bigger horses.

Snow in Iacs’ frilly.  Such a magnet!

The winter coats of the Icelandic horses, again, are designed entirely for this kind of weather.

It was a beautiful light to to take photos in.

Everyone was in a lovely happy mood, enjoying the snow and the sun.


7 thoughts on “The Last of the Snow Photos

  1. Linda

    You can really see what great wool “sweaters” the sheep have, has they sit there in the snow!

    Here in the PNW, we’ve had days and days of bright sun and freezing temperatures, but as with your change, we now have pouring rain and mud – which completely depresses our dog…

  2. Wendy from NY

    Amazing pictures of beautiful subjects! I love the tiny snowballs in their fur. I’ll bet those sheepy boyz are toasty!

  3. Terri

    To see all the Boyzenberries smiling made my day! No wonder people spin wool — look how warm it keeps sheep! Love the close-up of new-fallen snow on horse hair.
    PS Please tell Lambie I’ll be right over with some Rich Tea Biscuits!

  4. Nancy

    Lovely, fluffy snow pictures! Thank you for sharing!
    I can’t wait to hear about the killer whale. I wonder what they think caused her death?


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