Getting through clothes

I think I am on my third set of clothes this afternoon.  It has been snowing/raining/sleeting all day.  I got wet and freezing feeding everyone this morning.


The horses are miserable.  I am miserable (read achey and cold).


The fields are flooded and there is more to come.  The weather forecasters are giving conflicting reports and that makes me very frustrated as I like to know what is going to come. I am not good with surprises.


This time last year to the day, we were playing the rescue game – nothing has changed.


To cheer myself up, I am putting up these photos to remind me that there is a summer and we were once so hot we took the horses (and ponies) swimming in the loch.


Those days seem so far away and hard to imagine.


Even BeAnne doesn’t want to go swimming these days.


She just wants to sit in a box.  I think I will join her or take to my bed with the cat.


Hot chocolate anyone?  Yes, don’t mind if I do.  That will cheer me up as well as the rescued fur noses.


4 thoughts on “Getting through clothes

  1. Sam

    Sorry the weather is cranky like The BeAnne. Our weather men predicted 3 feet of snow for Tuesday – got 11″. Do ADORE the last picture!!!!!!


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