Excitement, Adventure and Really Wild Things!

We tied up two Icelandic horses who have never met before.

This was Klængur and Tór.


This is what happened.  They started to groom each other.


Then a small disgruntled terrier parked herself under the 3 year old, recently backed, Icelandic gelding.

She sat down, made herself at home and nothing happened.


Then said Icelandic gelding was left in the middle of the school while other horses were tölting around the edge.

He didn’t move.


As the excitement was now at fever pitch, Jo got on her new horse.


Afterwards, I even let Jo have a go so she could see just how much he has changed over the past two years.

BN2A8779 BN2A8804

Her Maj remained disgruntled with a hint of resentment while we had a lovely morning playing horses.  Not ponies. Icelandic horses.


I think she will put herself up for adoption shortly on the grounds that we didn’t have a horse for her to ride.

2 thoughts on “Excitement, Adventure and Really Wild Things!

  1. Linda

    Such gentlemen! (and I know Taktur was so aware of BeAnn and being so still to keep from startling or hurting her. No comment on her sulk…) 😉


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