Diversionary Tactics

Iacs still has a poorly paw, sorry hoof.

It is dry poulticed daily after soaking in hot water and the black guck that comes out makes my eyes water.  Today, having wrapped him up in a pink bandage and gaffer tape, I could still smell that unforgettable smell.  It followed me everywhere so I drenched myself and my clothes in a sample vial Floris Edwardian Bouquet which made things slightly better.


Poor Iacs. He is feeling very sorry for himself so, having put the others into their field, I opened the gate for The Minions to come and cheer him up.


I thought they would give Iacs something else to think about.  Take his mind off his misery.


Silver took his job very seriously and gave it 100%


Iacs was playing happily until Silver attacked “the hoof” and then all bets were off.


On the plus side, Iacs did get to meet Tiddles for the first time.


He honestly didn’t think Shetland ponies could get any smaller so tried to see if he could eat a whole one.


Tiddles was distinctly unimpressed with this and walked off in a huff.


Luckily his BFF (best friend forever) was supportive.

(Who? me?  Yer, right).


So healing vibes for poor Bimble who is not a happy chap at all.  He enjoys the extra food, not realising he only gets it because there is Danilon (analgesia) in it.



8 thoughts on “Diversionary Tactics

  1. Joanie

    Would you please send the Minions here? We could use some diversionary tactics badly!
    Sending healing vibes for Iacs

  2. Linda K

    Poor Tiddles, and poor Iacs. It’s good he’s chirpy enough to play and I’m sure he’s enjoying the TLC.
    Sending him a hug and best wishes.

  3. Linda

    What is up with that hoof? Here’s hoping it heals soon, and is really just his way of getting more attention…
    I can’t get over what a little cutie-pie Tiddles is!

  4. Sam

    Nothing worse to deal with than a male feeling poorly. Hoping the hoof-paw heals. Good for Tiddles to huff off – being nibbled on is NOT nice.


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