From Snow to Mud!

And then just like that overnight the snow vanished and we were straight back to mud again.

I won’t lie, I did groan a little as I clambered over the fence with the breakfast buckets but I honestly think mud is better than snow.  Less work for us hoomans, ie when we have no snow, no haynets because they all have plenty of grass in their fields to eat. They just have to go and find it.

I also took off Fivla’s rug as it at least 3 degrees warmer and, even though it has rained all day, I tell myself that she is well-covered and has her winter coat which has worked fine up until it didn’t.

Anyway, I checked her frequently throughout the day and she was fine – no shaky jitters or being miserable.  When I first left Fivla bare-nekkid, I told her to come and stand by the gate if she wanted inside or anything.  She knows the drill and how to tell me.  In fact, the whole herd slept the entire morning – probably very tired from the last few days of having their every meal served to them.  I know I am bloody exhausted!

So for me, mud is better than snow because the mud is only in a few places and there is grass everywhere else.  Self-service from now on, chaps!  This waitress is having a rest.

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