To The Beach

We haven’t been to the beach in ages and I’ve started to think that the dogs and I are not very good at going out and also the dogs don’t know how to wait nicely in the car.

So, today, I took them to the beach for their dog-walk, en route to taking OH his forgotten packed lunch.

We had the place to ourselves, which is always nice.

Not a soul to be seen.

I tried a new-to-me technique on my camera phone, which was a bit hit and miss, but interesting.

The dogs had a good, if short, runaround because both streams on either side of the beach that are usually wadeable through, were running very fast and full.  We didn’t dare go across though I did wonder whether the intrepid Pepper would have a shot.

Crossing is not for the foolhardy.

I called her off and said if she went, she would be on her own.

They had a good run home and we all enjoyed the change of scenery.

On we drove to deliver the gratefully received lunch-box and I turned the car around at the bottom of the road.

And I saw a pair of Shalders (oyster-catchers) looking very fat and well.  My heart soared.  Spring is on its way.  This is the sign.

When the birds flew off, because they spotted me, their high-pitched shout gave me some hope of being warmer and drier.  We would all love that.

3 thoughts on “To The Beach

  1. Celeste

    Absolutely stunning photos! The colors are so vivid they almost don’t look real. And with just your phone? I’m impressed!

  2. Nancy

    You’ve inspired me to try to match yarn shades to the first and second photos. Color saturation was so striking. Thanks so much!


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