Feeling Guilty

I am feeling terrible.

Two of The Minions had escaped into the next door field (mine – and they had gone under the fence via the stream).


So, Jo very kindly was trying to put them back into the right field. I think her precise words were “it is like herding cats”.  Anywho, I thought I would help as The Minions are basically my responsibility (read problem).


I climbed over the fence into the field of errant Minions who were running unhelpfully backwards and forwards through the open gate.  To keep others from joining the runaways, I threw a headcollar at them and it hit Waffle squarely in the face.

I saw the look he gave me.  Oh God, what had I done?

So once everyone was finally where they were supposed to be, I went to talk to Waffle.  He turned his back and walked away.  With that my heart broke.  I knew what I had to do.

I filled my pockets with carrots and went to sit in the field.


Instantly, as if by magic, I was forgiven and I am very lucky that Waffle is being nice to me now.



As a reward for his generous character, I let him eat my camera.

L1120989 L1120990

I will continue to feel awful.  I let my Waffle down and he never expected it from anyone, let alone me.


Guilt is a terrible thing.  I have a place set aside for me in Hell now (if not already).

6 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty

  1. Cate

    Oh you’re too hard on yourself, Frances—-and much harder than Waffle, who clearly knows what’s what when it comes to you and has a huge minion heart of gold to boot. 😀

  2. Linda

    I did something like that when we got our first dog. I was throwing his fetch toy, and accidently hit him with the toy squarely (and hard) into his side. He instantly stopped, and rolled over onto his back, in total submission, as if HE had done something wrong. Yes, my heart broke too.
    I ran over to him, telling him how sorry I was, he got up and was ready for more fetch (when he realized, I suppose, that HE wasn’t in trouble). It was so poignant and heartbreaking.
    They’re willing to forgive and forget, if you just admit your mistake and show – by whatever means – just how very, very much you love them.

  3. mimi

    the expression on waffle’s face as he’s nibbling your shoulder, with your hair waving gently back towards him, is just beautiful. i think you are forgiven.


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