Don’t Ask Me!

I was asked for some photos of The Minions.


You know, the type that involve me being mugged.


So, being totally unselfish, I set off to their field, sat on a flat rock and waited to be mugged.


30 nano-seconds later…..

L1120710 L1120722     L1120743 L1120750 L1120756   L1120786  L1120874 L1120881

After much mugging and a few tortuous hours later, I extracted 3 small furry Minions from my pockets, my wellie boots, myself and was allowed to leave their field.

Don’t ever ask me to do that again.  It is too much like hard work but I am selfless and prepared to suffer – anyway, someone has to do it!



10 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me!

  1. Linda

    Ohhh Frances I have to meet these minions! Outstanding post!! Much love to all of you, and yep, you made my day too!

  2. Sam

    The silly things you do for us! Love,love those silly mugs!!!! Thanks for “all that hard” work of being Minion Mugged.


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