Jedi Mind Tricks

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Her Maj had jumped into bed at about 05:00 when the weather sounded fierce and noisy outside so we woke up while she went quickly to sleep!

My back was crunching, clicking and hurting while my right foot is becoming increasingly numb. I have odd sensations all the time now. .  Sometimes I am convinced that I am walking in a puddle but there is nothing.

This was definitely a two co-codamol day.


I do have one chore that must be done –  to give Taktur his daily hard feed.

This is not Taktur, obviously, this is the little person who squirted through the gate with him and refused point blank to go back.


Being the nice person I am, I let him stay and gave him the empty bowl (to transfer the feed) to lick out.


And yes, he did sit in it afterwards…..


And roll like he always has to.


Iacs was very unimpressed with this obvious favouritism.


Using his Jedi Mind Trick, he tried to convince me that he needed feeding.  I am immune to this battle of wills.


Sorry Iacs.

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