The Lovely Ladies

The old biddies, as they are officially known – Delia (Raw Deal) and Minnie (Vitamin) have been moved into a huge field with Lyra (PantsonFyra) and Moose (Zoot).


This field hasn’t been grazed since last winter and there is lots in there for them.  They are all looking very good.  Delia, though thin, is holding her weight and seems happy enough. This is a photo of Lyra’s backside.


Jo had bought them a bucket of mineral/feed lick which stunk of garlic.  Just taking the lid off in her car had resulted in marinading the interior.

Anyway, who cares, as long as the girls like it.

BN2A8673   BN2A8681

They all seemed fairly happy to share though Minnie swung her pants a few times to get first dibs.  She is the herd matriarch.


But she did allow others to have a go too.


She even told her daughter, Lyra, this.


Lyra is looking spectacular.   Half Berry and half Wells bloodlines – this seems to be a very good combination.


She is Indy’s little half-sister.

BN2A8682      BN2A8695

But mostly, Lyra is her mother’s little girl.  Minnie loves her more than anyone in the world.  She lost two foals before Lyra and all she wanted was a live foal more than anything.  It is wonderful to see them together and I would be loathe to separate them.


I am glad they are all wintering well and hopefully this field will last them a while – it is big enough!

5 thoughts on “The Lovely Ladies

  1. Rebecca Final

    The girls are all so adorable. I can’t wait to see them in summer pictures. They are such little hairballs right now. Interested to see what they look like underneath all that. Since I’m new to the thread, I haven’t seen your ponies in their summer coats. It will be fun to watch.

    California, USA

  2. Nicky Callam

    Will you be tempted to breed from lovely Lyra? I know you had a rethink on the breeding side but … (Go on, you know you want to!)

  3. Linda K

    Loveley to see the Shetland ponies again. I’m glad Delia is faring well and I hope Andy and Fivla are thriving.

  4. Sharon

    I don’t think I could separate them. Knowing Minnie ‘ s story now, I just don’t think I could do it. Lovely ladies.


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