Esja Returns

Guess who came over to Thordale today?

It may be the “chocolate tipped” ears that give her away.

Or her beautiful eyes.  Yup, Esja who left us to go to her new owner just over four years ago.

Daisy was helping Esja and her owner, Lauren.


While Daisy, Lauren and Esja all worked hard, BeAnne worked the room, like she does.

Alex had come along to watch and so BeAnne quickly made her into her slave.  Those belly rubs don’t do themselves, you know.

BeAnne is a professional at making the world work for her.  How can anyone resist the wee face from the wee dug!  My heart melts.

It was lovely to see Esja again after all these years.

And I think we can safely say that Esja is loved which is perfect.



5 thoughts on “Esja Returns

  1. Linda Loba

    What a nice reunion (and knowing/seeing Esja is loved by her new human mom).
    And…dogs and tummy scratches; I do them whenever there’s a furry tummy offered!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely pictures today, Frances! They’re lovely every day but some are extra special and the one of BeAnne’s face falls into that category!

  3. Rebecca Final

    I think I am in love with Esja. I am a total sucker for duns which are my very favorite coat color. Esja is gorgeous!!!

    BeAnne is very cute too…as she well knows.


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