Town and Back

To the dentist this morning – has it only been six months since the last torture session?  Of course I went in praying the intensive flossing and cleaning that I did this morning would not show me up as the lazy so-and-so I am about my teeth and their care.  The best thing about today is I know it will be the longest time I will have until the next scheduled dentist visit.

Afterwards, we popped down to the street to do our messages.

I am still busy making my sheeple – one a day every evening while listening to an audiobook or radio play with BeAnne fast asleep at my side in her bed.

I filled up the sheeple field in the shop.  It is a constant challenge as folk insist on buying them!

Once we had achieved all we had set out to do – we take a list – we drove home to find BeAnne waiting outside my shed but so pleased to see us.  OH had been around at home but she had refused to come indoors, even for her supper. Luckily it was a lovely warm day as I hate the thought of her sitting out for hours in the pouring rain….. waiting.

And taking her to town is more trouble than it’s worth. BeAnne hates the car and travelling so we don’t anymore.

8 thoughts on “Town and Back

  1. Rebecca Final

    Your sheeples are so adorable. Do I also see a pony in the front of the field??? Do you/can you ship to the U.S.?

  2. diane in northern wis

    BeAnne is so sweet to wait for you beside the shed! I’m so glad to hear that your sheep continue to sell so well in town. Hope that continues forever! They are beautiful specimens for sure! What a talent you are, Frances!

  3. Carol

    I think you will have a sell-out and extra orders when the SWW people arrive! I’m sorry I won’t be with them. Another time!


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