Introducing Mr Headcollar

We have a new training regime.  Floss and I catch Lilja and Hetja while little Sóley follows us all into the stable.

This is our daily training.  I want to introduce Sóley to the headcollar and eventually walking into the van for her food, ie loading nicely and without panicking.   At present, that is a long way off.

So we are taking little steps.  First Sóley has to walk into the stable – apparently a big deal and took two days to achieve.

Then Daisy and I put on “Mr Headcollar” who is a huge issue but Hetja, her mum, was not interested in this discussion so Sóley has nowhere to go and had to get on with it.  Each day we  is easier than the last.

Then Daisy prepares the reward  – Mare and Youngstock Mix – a handful.

Obviously Hetja is a professional eater.

And she will teach Sóley how to eat hard food.

Sóley is interested but not very clued up.  I doubt it will take long, though.

Hetja wastes no time.

And Sóley prefers to lick the gate!

But we kept offering her the food and she will watch Hetja and one day get the idea.

Sniffing is not eating.  So you know.

Lilja is always in a separate stable area and has her own bowl of food.  She is impatient and wants to go back out.

Once all the food is eaten (mostly by Hetja), we take off Sóley’s headcollar.

Someone catches Lilja – it is never difficult – she would put on her own headcollar if she could.

As would Hetja if there is food involved – I think this is from the female genetic line then.

And then we lead them all back out into their field.

Dish out a carrot so little one learns no one gallops off at the gate.

We teach the little things first, so hopefully the big things will be an easy transition.





6 thoughts on “Introducing Mr Headcollar

  1. Sherry Walter

    Makes so much sense, my father in law was amazed when we could halter and lead our youngster very early on. Apparently in his farming days this wasn’t done.

  2. diane in northern wis

    What a superb plan! You guys really know what you’re doing. Always such well planned out steps when teaching something new. Good for you! Hope it continues to go well.


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