The Last Resort

We are worried about Vitamin. I’m not going to lie to you. She won’t eat and is very depressed.  She has barely any energy and no interest in anything.  This morning we decided to go for make or break…..

We took her and Fivla back to Leradale to join their herd in the hope that this will inspire Vitamin to start eating again.  We have nothing to lose at this point.  The next choice will be to put her to sleep if she doesn’t pick up soon.  It is not fair on Vitamin to keep on like this.

So we brought Fivla and Vitamin across, having given Vitamin all her medication for the day (painkillers and antibiotics), loaded them up and drove very carefully over to Leradale (only a couple of miles).

Everyone rushed up to greet their old friends.  It was nice to see the Minions excited too. They had missed their ladies.

The “hay park” had been opened a few days ago and there is grass there.

Vitamin immediately put her head down and I think I saw tentative chewing.

We left them to it but popped back this afternoon with more water.  Vitamin did go up to Floss, who had the carrots, and asked for one.  She managed with a little difficulty to eat it but she was much brighter in herself.  More like Vitamin.

Obviously she won’t talk to me – possiby because I am giving her the injections.

There was a spare carrot piece, so it was thrown to Vitamin and she walked up and ate it.

I am hoping we are taking little steps to get better.  I remember when Vitamin lost her foal, she was very depressed for a long time.  She thinks and she minds.  Please keep this old lady in your thoughts.  We love her.


8 thoughts on “The Last Resort

  1. darby callahan

    positive thoughts for Vitamin. I remember my own little mare who died two years ago now, at 31. she was always so plump and then she got so thin., it was so distressing, my heart is with you. everything crossed.

  2. Elva

    I think you did the right thing for Vitamin. She will be happier being with all of her friends, and this will lift her depression. My best wishes for Vitamin (and always Monster too!).

  3. Dot

    It is lovely to see that she is happy with her friends. Quality of life is so important. I hope she eats a bit more now and feels better.

  4. Louise Stopford

    I do hope Vitamin gets well soon. What a beautiful grand old lady she is. Sending healing vibes from Cheshire.

  5. Christine

    After getting through the long winter, it seems very unfair that Vitamin is now having a tough time. I hope the longer days and greener grass make her stronger and you have more time together.


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