Come for a dog walk

OH had returned from a tortuous time in Lerwick at the Dentist so, out of sympathy, I offered to walk the dogs for him.

And, of course, I took my camera with me too!


This time of year, the bird population starts increasing – the lapwings were flying around bickering with each other, probably about their nesting rights.


The weather was fast and furious.  One minute the sun was shining, the sky was a gorgeous blue and then the next, it would darken over ominously and start something different.


In Shetland hailstones are called “Haily-Puckles”.  I never knew this but I think it is an excellent onomatopoeic word and we were all covered in them.  Luckily they were not the stingy type.  I hate it when they hurt like needles.


I strode on with the belief that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes and walked the boundary of my croft, trying to stay out of the bogs.


This is a typical Thordale field gate.  It is called the “coathanger gate” because I think we once tied it up with a wire coat-hanger!  It is at the furthest end of my property and I know my horses can be opportunists given any chance at all.  I try and keep a piece of string in my coat pocket just in case!


It made me think of this!


Both the dogs enjoyed themselves – BeAnne occasionally putting up the rabbits (she mostly walks blindly into them and then surprises herself) and Loki chasing them to ground.  He sometimes reappears having caught one.


A few more photos from our walk.

L1140877  L1140882 L1140884 L1140888


2 thoughts on “Come for a dog walk

  1. Karen

    Love your photos…they keep me going between visits. Counting the weeks down now till the last two children finish Uni (end of May) because it the only be a couple of weeks till our annual pilgrimage…hooray. Good luck to Daisy in her finals, no doubt she will be as glad as mine to see the back of it all.

  2. John Davies

    I don’t have a dog to walk currently but I do this food and exercise log called “My Fitness Pal” and it gives me the choice of walking with a dog (supposedly faster) or without. While most of the places I would walk do have leash laws I still don’t think I could reliably think it’s a faster walk with a dog unless one were being pulled by some large breed of dog. I see no leash in your pictures so I must assume you are running full speed to keep up and stopping every few minutes as needed. 🙂


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