Brain Sharing

This morning Storm refused to get out of bed. He was in the stable by himself (door open) and would not budge. He said he hated the weather and the deep mud – he wanted a duvet day.  So, being a nice caring parent, I fed him his Speshul Soldier food in the stable, added his little friend and another bucket and left them together while I went for my flute lesson.  The rest went out into the field.


I got home a few hours later to see a little tufty black forelock over this wall.  I thought “Oh, I suppose OH has let them out” but no, Storm had walked into the tiny gap between two fences, followed determinedly by Tiddles and they were stuck because Tids then forgot how to reverse (the electric fence was not on).


Luckily OH managed to pull them both backwards by their rugs and set them free.

They are not the brightest stars in my firmament.


Storm then said he had changed his mind about his duvet day so I let them both out into the field to join the others.


Storm galloped hysterically off silly-billy-bucking and screaming like a stuck pig for his friends while Tiddles managed a cursory backward glance at me.  Probably because he could hear me laughing at them both.


I’m not sure whose turn it is today to have the brain!

L1140742           L1140820

My jury is still out.

6 thoughts on “Brain Sharing

  1. Rebecca Final

    SO much personality! Sorry, but Tiddles looks like my sister’s guinea pigs on the photos from the nose up. So stinkin’ cute.

  2. Suzanne in Ohio

    Those boys are too cute! Wonderful to see them giving in to spring fever! You’re such a great Mom!

    How is Haakon doing? Take care, Suzanne


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