BeAnne and I went on a road-trip this morning down to Sandwick, the South end of the island.  I had seen some baled hay being advertised at a very reasonable price and so we went to buy because I am terrified it is about to snow.

(This afternoon’s offering – I am never going to say I think Spring is here ever again.  I was shocked!)

As we arrived, two miniature Shetland ponies (Hans and Tiba) were being led towards us into the garden for their breakfast and a lovely Nova Scotla Duck Tolling Retriever puppy galloped about “helping”, as puppies always do.

BN2A4555 BN2A4544BN2A4602

BeAnne liked Lace, the puppy.  She also appreciated the fact that these ponies were used to dogs and was very happy to introduce herself to everyone.


As you can see, these ponies are allowed in the garden and I thoroughly approve of this.  I am very jealous and wish mine were allowed the same privileges!  But sadly, it is not to be. Not now, not never apparently.


There was much playing, much delicious apricot and banana cake and a much needed cup of coffee.

BN2A4612 BN2A4615

Tiba and Hans sported excellent hair styles and had impeccable manners.  In the future, I was told they would be participating in Shetland Pony Agility.  I think this might be something my little lot could be interested in.  I shall investigate further.


It was a lovely morning and I enjoyed meeting everyone.  I expect one small person might be missing BeAnne, though.



5 thoughts on “Socialising

  1. Linda

    Lived in the Sierra Mts. for 10 years; I remember the craving for GREEN and flowers. Spring usually arrived in late May, followed by a few light snowfalls in June.

  2. Linda

    P.S. And yes, your snowfall is partly my fault – I got out my short-sleeved t-shirts too early. My apologies.

  3. darby

    had to scrape snow off my car yet again this morning. we don’t even have daffodils yet.
    at least the days are longer.


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