Nesting Birds

We went back down to the south end yesterday to drop Anna off at her hotel – she was staying one night at The Sumburgh Hotel as she was up at the crack of sparrows (early) leaving on the first flight.


Obviously we had to hike up to the Lighthouse to show Anna the abundance of puffins that flit everywhere and are almost so close you can pick them up.  Look, look!


We searched everywhere for ages – even taking photos of other nesting birds, mostly out of boredom.


Despite the obvious dearth of Fratercula arctica, the sea-pinks were amazing. They carpeted the cliffs and that was an incredible sight just on its own.


When suddenly a singular puffin dropped out of the sky in front of us.  Brilliant.

BN2A3962 BN2A3951 BN2A3947 BN2A3944 BN2A3932 BN2A3927 BN2A3923

And then he vanished into his burrow but one is better than none.


And that was it.  We were on a schedule, so we walked down the hill again to the car, stopping off to look for more birds.

L1040135 L1040121

At the other cliff edge, there was some guillemots (according to Daisy who did a project in Primary School).  I will take her word for it as every child in Shetland does a project in Primary School about nesting seabirds apparently and she studies Biology at university so she knows everything (again, apparently!)


We saw a nesting JCB.  Does that count?  I skilfully identified this.


My new camera is fabulous and I had great fun “playing” with all the buttons.


I have decided the best way to learn how something works is to use it and find out like that.  I can’t RTFM. It bores me.

L1040167 L1040184  L1040186

So off to dinner at The Spiggie Hotel, which was delicious – the way forward is Scotch eggs made out of blackpudding and haggis and yes, I will be having a go at that.

And then we dropped Anna off at her hotel, and we said our goodbyes.  Apparently she wants to come back!



3 thoughts on “Nesting Birds

  1. linda

    What a lovely post Frances I love you photos and your blog would love to meet up once we moved to the near by island of Unst and get some tips on Shetland pony’s as I would love to drive I have short legs so can not mount up hence setting for driving which is just as much fun I think

  2. Michelle

    I’m with you Frances, the way forward is definitely Black Pudding/Haggis Scotch Eggs. Food of the Gods. (They’re also good made with Smoked Haddock Mousse!!)


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