Between Weathers

“A day between weathers” or “atween wadder” (Shetland dialect) is what folk say up here for what we have had today.  A slight reprieve, before it all starts over again tonight.


The horses are exhausted from the last 48 hours but so I gave them a big meal to make up for it.


Rugs were taken off Storm and Taktur.  Everyone was drying off.


Taktur spent his morning gazing at Hetja in the other field.  She, of course, took absolutely no notice and continued to stuff her face.


Rather than disturb them by fussing, brushing and riding or lungeing, I left everyone to enjoy the peace and quiet.


Stormy weather is exhausting.


Tiddles made it his mission to own and personally eat the entire contents of the lick bucket.  He was wearing quite a lot of it while I was in the field taking photos.


We have had Lambster a whole week.  My OH remarked, when I mentioned this “Oh, really? I thought he has been here forever”, which I shall take as a huge compliment to Lambster as he has fitted in very quickly.


He is definitely one of the boys now.  He looks less bewildered and has learned how to bleat.  He can’t run yet – his legs don’t seem to go in the right order but he is happy to follow Lambie and Lambert about in a fast walk yelling for them to wait for him, which of course they don’t.

(I removed the blade of grass which I think was some sort of initiation rite by Lambert – I have my suspicions!)


And so off we go again. The next storm is on its way and I don’t think anyone is looking forward to it.


5 thoughts on “Between Weathers

  1. Linda

    Yes, beautiful after/before storm shot, Frances.
    I think Hetja has her priorities absolutely right.
    And I’ve probably said it before, but I just love those little horns on Lambster!

  2. Terri

    I love the Scottish phrase “Between Weathers”! Kate Davies (knitwear designer) recently released her own Scottish yarn, “Buachaille,” one of whose 7 lovely shades is called Between Weathers. (The others are Highland Coo, Haar, Islay, Yaffle, Squall, and Ptarmigan.) I’m glad Lambster adapted to your family so quickly. You are turning into The Shepherdess (“La Pastourelle,” by Bouguereau)!
    Stay warm and dry….

  3. Sam

    “Tis hard work, loving from afar….do love Lambster’s pictures – grass or no grass.
    And darling Tiddles – loving the lick!


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