Boysenberry Update

Lambert has almost stopped being a bully.  He still butts a bit but Lambster butts back (do not read this sentence aloud or try to say it fast).

(and yes, he is one fat sheep)


Lambie (pronounced Lamb-Bee) is, of course, perfection in every way.


Lambster (say the B if you can), is doing magnificently. His happy little smiling face comes to talk to me more readily if accompanied by Lambie (his hero). I can tickle his sideburns and he loves that.  As Lambie is his role model, Lambster will learn only gentleness, trust and kindness with perhaps a hint of silly-billy galloping sideways when life is good.


I also think Lambster has put on weight (Monday is no-knacker day).


Esja Update

She, too, is doing brilliantly. This is the fifth time she has been ridden.


We are very pleased with her progress considering her age and how many times she has been ridden or handled.


Note the loose rein and her head carriage.  This is a lovely sight from such a young horse.


Esja learns quickly, uses her whole body and engages her back.


Bending is an important exercise for her and she didn’t take much asking.


Esja has a huge amount of “willingness” and she loves her training.  She looks forward to it (perhaps because she gets a bucket of grub afterwards as a reward) and would probably put her own headcollar on and lead herself to the indoor school if she could.


Esja is a lovely girl.  I am very happy with her.  Remember, this is her 5th time – the very definition of awesome in my book.

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sam

    Silly-Billy Sideways Galumping is something we all should do more often.
    Have you considered making cards with the Bosenberry Boys on them? I would love to send them to friends.


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