A Bit of A Brush

I drive over every day to see how the girls are getting on. I am sure they can hear my car approaching.


I took Delia’s rug off as I wanted to get a good idea of what was going on.  Probably one of the sweetest old dears but she always manages to resemble an enraged dragon in all photos.


Once Delia’s rug was off, I gave her a good brush , trimmed her tail and secretly fed her more carrots.  For an old lady, she has a very good appetite.  I don’t think she looks too bad and I re-rugged her because of the disintegrating weather (this was yesterday).


Under that rug is a furnace.  She is very cozy and I am hoping it is helping.


So after sorting out Delia, I caught Vitamin, gave her a bit of a brush and a tail trim.  She was very cooperative and never stopped talking to me.  She says “wooh, wooh, wooh” all the time and her nose wuffles!  It is only polite to respond.


Then it was Lyra’s turn.  She had been hanging around all the time, offering to help, move brushes, pick up things, etc.  Then the minute I wanted to catch her, she was off so I told her to sod off then and ate the last carrots myself making sure I crunched loudly at her!

She doesn’t look bad and she is Daisy’s problem anyway.


Today has looked mostly like this.


I was going to call this post “Grooming the Girls” but somehow that sounded very, very wrong!

2 thoughts on “A Bit of A Brush

  1. Elaine Young

    I love reading your blog – its the only decent thing on Shetlink these days. Love the photos and the last comment might have got you in trouble. Every animal has its onw character which I love. Thanks


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